HFH Philippines- Volunteered as a construction worker

From the entrance of a deserted place, we can see a banner of Habitat for Humanity Philippines. In our minds and words, “At last! We’ve reached the site!” It was very hard to find the site since the place was not familiar to us.

Three hours before we reached the site, I was sitting in a bench made of steel at SM North EDSA, messaging my friends, asking them where they were. We were all excited! Not only because we would see Derek Ramsay, but also it would be another experience that we’d share to the others, hoping to be an inspiration to them. Six o’clock to six thirty in the morning was our call time. I was the earliest to arrive, next was Josh and after a few minutes Mary. We were all chatting and joking about the students and office workers who were in line to ride an FX. Six thirty has passed and Kang was still not in sight. She was updating me where she was already. We were all jerking around while waiting for her. Seven o’clock has passed she was still on the train. Now eight o’clock came and we met her at Monumento round about. The bad vibes was still on the loose… We were lost during our taxi moments.

The moment we entered the site, there were cars (and I should say, expensive ones) which were parked in the vacant lots and the people were watching over something. As we entered the crowd, we saw the policemen in sight and the volunteers, who were very busy mixing the cement and aligning the hallow- blocks. And my mind goes, oh goodness, we’re late. We tried to approach a guy whom we think was involved in volunteering and he suggested us to the ladies who were on the other end of the lot. We just passed our registration forms, they gave us construction hard hats and gloves, then off we go. There was a girl who volunteered to guide us to our team.

Number nine. It was our team and our team leader was Austin, who was from Legaspi, Albay. We also met Sierra, who studied at De La Salle- Dasmarinas and took up entrepreneurship. We were so oblivious that the two people who were in our group were from the tv show, The Biggest Loser- Philippines. There were also ladies, whom I believe was also starred in The Biggest Loser since their faces are familiar to me, were also in the construction working.

Carrying the hallow blocks to the house we’re making, which were really heavy, was one of the jobs of a construction worker. I tried not to standby too much since you would really feel their urge to work. It was also a great experience mixing the cement and putting it in the hallow blocks. From these experiences, I have realized that I was blessed. I was blessed to have my parents to encourage me to study hard and aim high. Education was indeed the key. I was also blessed to be financially stable and I thank the Lord for all those blessings. It was not easy to swing those shovel to mix the cement nor carrying the water using a big bucket for the making of the cement. I really appreciate those construction workers who are dedicated to their jobs. Some of them tried to teach us how to properly mix the cement while some watch us if we’re doing the right job. It was fun even though it was tiring.

After two hours, from the look of the clouds, we could feel that it’s getting breezy and there is drizzle already so they let us have an early lunch (we weren’t really expecting a lunch meal for free since they have mentioned in the email that we should bring our own meal, but then we were surprised that there were Mc Donald’s meals and juices distributed). It was Derek’s treat since it’s his birthday.

We saw Vina Morales being interviewed and right after her interview, we asked if we could take a pic with her and she agreed.

We bid our good-byes after we took a tricycle from the site. From the look of our faces, we were all tired and sweaty but it also showed that we all had fun. It was a great experience for us and so there would a next time for sure. 🙂 ❤


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