Ta’if, Saudi Arabia

I just used a picture from Google images, just an overview, since I can’t find my folder with our pictures of Ta’if. It was really old.

Taif, Saudi Arabia- Known for its elevated slopes and low temperature. It was our first road trip and I was about 7 or 8 years old then so I can hardly remember the things we did there.

What I can recall was the cool weather since it is in the mountains. We usually compare it with Baguio in the Philippines. I really like it there since it is cold unlike in Jeddah and Riyadh (its temperature doubles with Jeddah) which are very hot places.

The most anticipated site in Taif is the baboons which are found in the cliffs of the mountains near the highway. A lot of people stop by, near the cliff to give food to the baboons. Since I was a kid, I was so amused and all I wanted to do was to touch them but my mom told me they are harmful and wild, so I never got a chance to go near it. They have prodigious and crimson butt and some female baboons are carrying their baby at their backs. It was amazing as well as entertaining! I can’t produce a picture since the cameras then are manual and it uses film.

I can’t remember the main reason we went there but we didn’t stay there for long, as far as I can remember, we just roamed around the city and explored some streets. We found people selling fruits and plants (which are grown only in cold places).

Another unforgettable moment for me was when we were going back home already and my father was driving, we were still in the mountains and then suddenly a stone (not a big stone but a very tiny stone) was thrown in our windshield. We thought it was from the car in front of us, which ran over the stone and just flew in our windshield. Then suddenly, it was pouring and raining of stones! I was stupefied! I started screaming and crying, but then my mom, my dad and even my brother were all laughing and clapping. They were so amazed and excited. On the other hand, I was confused all of a sudden. They were all laughing at me and asked me why I am crying. I told them, I was scared since I thought something bad would happened like, what if our windshield would break or our tire would explode. Ha! I was so naive! Since it was my first time to witness a hail it never occurred to me as such an entertainment. In my guess, it lasted for a good 3 minutes. I hope I could experience another one when we go back there.


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