My first day on my first job

Pounding heart. Sweaty feet. Sweaty palms. Cold atmosphere. It was my first day to my first job and all I can feel was nervousness. What made it worse was, I woke up late (since my very concerned mom woke me up 10 minutes before 8:00 AM and my time- in was 8:00 AM). Good thing they’re not very particular with punctuality. They made me  read lots and lots of policies and agreements and made me sign lots and lots of papers. After all those things, I could not think anymore. It seems that my brain, after a year of uselessness, was used again and got tired without any warm-ups.

My co-workers are very friendly and they oriented me very well (may be not so well :D). I am just having a hard time understanding one of my colleagues since he’s more fluent on his Arabic, but I can keep up. Since I am working as a receptionist in the laboratory, all I did was receive the specimens (I was amazed since all of it were barcoded and computerized) and deliver it to the designated sections. That’s it! There are additional responsibilities but not as heavy as  someone working inside the lab (though I am dying to work already in the main lab and handle those huge machines!). Ohhhh I wanna hug them! It’s not really a tiring job and I think it’s the easiest but one of the most critical since there still problems arising every now and then. I am dying to learn something here! I just hope I could bear this job for 3 months since all the work are just the same.


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