22: Another Year, Another Adventure, Another Life

This picture is made by my best friend Anne Catz.

My fingers and brain are irritably and eagerly waiting to write something and it took me a while to post after my birthday since I’ve been busy and tired from household chores and work.

Birthday for me is my new year since it is the start of my new age, new conformity and new adventures ahead. Cheers to another year of sorrow and happiness, bad hair days and good hair days, learning and perceiving, loving and hating, and forgiveness and repentance. There are so much to look forward to and so much changes I wanted to do this year. I have resolutions but I’ll just let the year surprise me to what would happen with my life.

Yes! Another year ahead! Woot! Every year, since I started studying for college, I’ve been receiving unexpected gifts from God (I just know it, He always make me smile and happy).

17th birthday: My first birthday without my family. I was so depressed. But.. I received my new friends, who’ve been my classmates during college years, and I have treated as my sisters until now. They were the people who comforted me when I was so down. They are always there to make me feel better and they are my second family.

Sweet 16 😛

18th birthday: Unforgettable. Six in the morning, I got a tear in my eye (at the back of my mind, I was alone again for the second time) and a smile on my face when I received a bouquet of flowers from my family (who were in Saudi). I got ready for my class and since I was one of the ten students assigned to present a speech I was so nervous. I was the last to present and who would expect that I was proclaimed the ‘Best Speaker’ and after our professor announced that I was the best speaker, the whole class started singing me a Happy Birthday. I started crying and crying. It was so memorable.

19th and 20th birthday: I passed the semester! Yey!

21st birthday: I passed the board examination for medical technology AND the assigned date for the Oath taking is the date of my birthday. It was another magical moment.

22nd birthday: I have nothing to ask for more. Although I’m a bit sad that my other friends are in the Philippines, I got my family with me. 🙂

GOD is really the best! He always make my day so special.


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