Record of my emotions

I didn’t intend to make a poem out of the things that happened to me today and yesterday but it dawned on me because it was what I was feeling and I feel delighted to make something out of ordinary. So I made one just to be fun. 🙂


I was pissed.

I cooled down.

I was irritated.

I just frowned.

I got hungry.

I then wait..

For my friends who were late.

I just waited.

Then I ate.

Without them ’cause they’re delayed.

I went back to my job, to continue all my work.

My co worker arrived then it all dawned..

To me, the problem I didn’t notice

She showed me, then I grieved..


He came and asked for something

I giggled then I smiled

Inside, again, I am alive

Alas when he was gone,

Reality came back to me

Until midnight, I did not sleep

I was thinking and thinking

I was worried and inside I’m weeping

I didn’t notice I was sleeping..


I’m still worried.

I can’t stop thinking what I’ve done.

Maybe my job tomorrow will be gone.

Then at nine he opened the door.

Again I feel adored.

Mixed emotions came to me.

I smiled and I cried.

I found out I won

Something to be worn

I wanna jump up and down

But then I gave a smile and a frown

Until now it is not resolve

The problem that can’t be solved.


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