Happy 2013! My first post on the first day of the year 2013! Although a week apart, oh until now I can still smell the sweet effluvium of Christmas from our home! The spirit of Christmas and New Year may never be felt outside our apartment but the feeling of contentment, wholeness of our family and cheerfulness of our home is what it’s all about. I can still feel and hear the cool breeze of the wind outside and the whimpering of my jackets from my wardrobe.

Oh Christmas! With that same cool breeze of the wind, I recalled myself walking in the streets of Manila, but the difference are the visibility of Christmas lights and the Christmas decor throughout the streets. I can hear the Christmas carols from the children from different houses. Everyone was excited and everyone seems to be very happy. It was different for me this year. It was very quiet and the people around me doesn’t seem to care (although some greeted me).

Deafening sound of silence. If you’re that loner-slash-hermit type of person, the place I’m living now is the best place for you! Ha! No deafening sounds of fireworks. No trumpets. No shouting. No laughter. No anything!!! It was just a normal day for them. It was just a simple greeting of ‘Happy New Year’ to each other. Here, it was quiet and normal compared to the extravagant and boisterous celebration from different nations. Pity. 😦

Despite my obnoxious complaints, I am still happy that I am alive and kicking. Although there are bad hair days and mood swings which will come along, I know that at the end of the day, everything’s gonna be okay. Hopefully.

Anyway, for the couple of months, I’ve been gone. I’ve been very busy with my work, reviewing for something, and at the same time, making gifts for my friends for Christmas. It was all worth it and I was able to finish it on time. I’m not really sure if they received it already (I hope they already did!). One day I will feature the gifts I’ve made for them and make a post about it.

Let’s start the year right. 🙂


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