Day 6: Quotes I can relate to (Part 1)

I am so inspired to read from a lot of books recently and I have gathered some of my favorite quotes from different characters of the novels I’ve read.

1. “The trick of it, she told herself, is to be courageous and bold and make a difference. Not change the world exactly, just the bit around you. Go out there with your double-first, your passion and your new Smith Corona electric typewriter and work hard at… something. Change lives through art maybe. Write beautifully. Cherish your friends, stay true to your principles, live passionately and fully and well. Experience new things. Love and be loved if at all possible. Eat sensibly. Stuff like that.”- Emma Morley, One Day by David Nicholls

2. “Ones character is set at an early age, son. The choices you make now will affect you for the rest of your life.” — Chester “Chet” Duncan, Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

3. “Without pain, how could we know joy?” — The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


ARC Review: Phoenix Island

phoenix island

Title: Phoenix Island

Author: John Dixon

Publishing Date: January 21, 2014

Rating: 4.5/5

The history of Carl Freeman was heartbreaking but as he punched through his life trying to defend every person hurt or bullied, along the way, he was sentenced to Phoenix Island and from then on was his turning point to changing his destiny but as he goes along, deaths were starting to arise and he found out that the island is turning orphans into soldier killers.

My first approved ARC read! Yes! I am so happy and incredibly grateful to be approved to read this novel which is jam-packed with action and unpredictable events that will make you emotionally attached and increasingly interested with the characters.

Every author has his/ her own style of writing and in my opinion; John Dixon’s style is unique and incomparable. He has intelligently exemplified the portrayal of a military setting and his ideas of it were exceptionally amazing. Phoenix Island as his debut novel, and should I mention that it will be the basis of the new CBS TV show Intelligence, is definitely not bad at all.

The first few chapters got me lost but I eventually found my way back since this was way different from the previous novels I’ve been reading. It is my very first time to read a novel about boot camps and military setups with a serious note and these new stunts and grunts I have read are amusing me. It was incredibly entertaining and definitely a page turner. In addition to that, there were no dull moments considering that it has to do with military concepts. I am no new to boot camps but setting it as a theme of a novel is a different matter. The hint of emotional attraction inside those barracks never failed to make me smile and in my opinion, adding it up, spiced up the story. There were times that I can’t comprehend if I’m going to continue reading or just stop because of its poignancy. I was too immersed with the story and too attached with the characters that I’m feeling too emotional about it and I can’t push through. I enjoyed this novel too much. 🙂


“Sometimes, Gin, life leaves you without directions, without guideposts or signs. When this happens, you just have to pick a direction and run like hell.” – Aunt Peg, The 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson

I love this quote from the novel I’m recently reading. I’m also undecided of what I wanna do with life because there are so much things I wanna do and what I want to be. It’s very confusing which is which but the bottom part of it all is I wanna explore more of the world and life.

Can you feel it too?

Frustration. Sadness. Reality hits.

Do you know that feeling? That feeling. I can’t explain the feeling but I feel it inside my heart and sometimes deep down my throat. I don’t know if it’s only me who experiences it but I always feel it. That feeling right after I watch a very nice movie (especially when I watch it in a movie house) or when I finish a really good book, I feel like it’s never gonna end. When it ends, I feel so frustrated and so sad that all I wanna do is go through it and continue everything. I don’t want it to end. It’s like a dream… a very good dream that makes you feel alive and you don’t want to wake. I don’t know if I’m just sourgraping because when reality hits, it was never pleasant for me. I can feel it. That feeling.

When I read a book, I’m excited to know the end of it and I wanna finish it as soon as possible, but when it’s nearly the end of it, I don’t want to end it. Ironic, isn’t it? I don’t know if I make any sense. I don’t know if you understand me but you don’t need to if you don’t want to. I just wanna tell you whoever you are that I don’t wanna feel that anymore. That frustration. I’m not saying I don’t want to watch a good movie or read a very nice book anymore. I do. I’m actually craving for it now especially reading a very good book. I want that clichéness, that passionate kisses, that overrated relationships, that chick flick themed books and movies. It makes me giggle and day-dream but it also makes me sad at the same time because it hits me. In reality, it doesn’t happen. Just like the song of Taylor Swift, “If this was a movie, you’ll be here by now…”. It will never happen to me.

Right now I’m just… Contented. It’s been so long since I read a love story book. And since the ‘Penelope’ movie was just shown in the TV, I felt that feeling again. And I hate it and I also love it. That feeling.

Get smitten with children: Volunteer as a teacher

It is Saturday and it’s seven-thirty in the morning, I was awoken by my alarm clock. I am still craving for more sleep but I have to arrive early in San Francisco Elementary School in Quezon City so I ate my breakfast and took a bath. Off I go to school. This time, I am not in class to be taught but I am the one who is to teach.

It all started when my facilitator in CFC- Singles for Christ invited me to join them in volunteering as a teacher. We are to teach children who are slow learners between the age of 7 and 17. We teach them how to read, understand and pronounce the words correctly. We also teach them how to pray and the good manners and right conduct. I am appalled for the reason that we still have a student who is 17 years of age and still doesn’t know how to read. I also felt sad regarding the facilities used by public schools as well as the scarcity of resources like books and notebooks. I hope one day our government officials in the Philippines would realize what we mostly needed. Instead of taking care of their pockets, they should think about the futures of these children first.

The picture is c/o my friend Rea

Tutees + Volunteered teachers

Being a teacher is never easy. You have to be patient, kind and understanding with the children especially when some of them are very noisy, naughty and wild. They keep on walking out of the room while someone is discussing and they keep on talking. They are not very attentive and that is the big challenge. You need to think of something to make them listen and to make them be focus to you. Unfortunately, I don’t possess the characteristics of a teacher but through this volunteering I tried learning how to be patient with them. I have experienced being a teacher for just a few months but through those months I’ve learned not only from those children but also to some of my colleagues who were also volunteers. They taught me how to be compassionate and be creative. And most especially, they helped me develop my confidence and give importance to the children especially those who are in need of attention.

From the faces of those children, I see myself in them. Their eagerness to learn and to participate in different activities. I just feel sad that their parents didn’t encourage them to study hard for a better future. I feel lucky that my parents strive hard for my education and convinced me to study hard and aim high.