Soul Searching

Soul Searching
Soul searching the path
Searching to where it asks
Working its way to Mary
And swerving to find Italy
How can it be? How can it be?
Why not choose me?
Waiting but not working
My way to the locality
Where can it be? Where can it be?
The place where my heart should be
He said never go back to east
Just go forward to west
Where am I? Where am I?
I’m not planning to die.
I just stand staring at faces
Watching passersby walking in fast paces
Why not go round and round?
Until I can’t be found
Am I just running?
Or is it escaping?

Record of my emotions

I didn’t intend to make a poem out of the things that happened to me today and yesterday but it dawned on me because it was what I was feeling and I feel delighted to make something out of ordinary. So I made one just to be fun. 🙂


I was pissed.

I cooled down.

I was irritated.

I just frowned.

I got hungry.

I then wait..

For my friends who were late.

I just waited.

Then I ate.

Without them ’cause they’re delayed.

I went back to my job, to continue all my work.

My co worker arrived then it all dawned..

To me, the problem I didn’t notice

She showed me, then I grieved..


He came and asked for something

I giggled then I smiled

Inside, again, I am alive

Alas when he was gone,

Reality came back to me

Until midnight, I did not sleep

I was thinking and thinking

I was worried and inside I’m weeping

I didn’t notice I was sleeping..


I’m still worried.

I can’t stop thinking what I’ve done.

Maybe my job tomorrow will be gone.

Then at nine he opened the door.

Again I feel adored.

Mixed emotions came to me.

I smiled and I cried.

I found out I won

Something to be worn

I wanna jump up and down

But then I gave a smile and a frown

Until now it is not resolve

The problem that can’t be solved.