Travel and Explore

Since I was a child it has been my family’s leisure activity to travel. Sometimes we just pack our bags and my father would just drive. When I’d ask him where we’d go, he’ll just say, “Wherever these wheels take us.” I would just laugh at him.

We have been into a few places within Asia. As young as 9 years old, I would jump for joy whenever they’d ask me if I’d like to tour for 3 to 4 days before going to the Philippines (since I grew up in Saudi Arabia and it only takes us once a year to have our vacation). As usual, for a kid, it was amusing. Until now, regardless of my age, I have always wanted the idea of packing bags and going out-of-town. Even just the idea of packing bags makes me giggle and excited!

Our aim: To relax and have fun. For me, it’s not only that but to experience something new… Something I’ve never done before.


Feel free to impart your thoughts

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